EUROBANX 6 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – CARP FISHING FULL MOVIE


Big European carp fishing road trip – and for the last time! Alan Blair and Oli Davies head on their sixth and final Eurobanx adventure, travelling for fifteen days across six countries and visiting no less than nineteen venues. There were highs, there were lows and of course a bloody good party to finish on! This is Eurobanx 6!

Track list in the credits.

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  1. Jimmy Parton says

    What a watch that was great stuff, it’s sad when you see something great come to an end. You will not top these eurobanx’s ever quality boys pure quality 👍🌌❤️

  2. Luke Bracken says

    the start reminds me of turning up to a water with me mates when we were younger :') Another class video, gutted it's the last of the EB's, always packed with banter, tunes and quality fishing. Big Ups!

  3. Albie Williams says

    Loved the intro real way to give it to the haters lol
    Another great eurobanx really have enjoyed watching them all shame its come to an end but looks like you celebrated in style would of loved to of been at that party until your next video whatever or whenever that may be at the moment stay safe all the Nash team

  4. Milan Katrenic says

    Big Up from Slovakia

  5. Cameron Humphreys says

    MOREE it can’t end simple

  6. John Chidwick says

    As always smashed it well done guys

  7. Read Dead Daily says

    Great video (y)

  8. UrbanCarper says

    You boys deserved that carnage after a hard 7 days fishing gutted that this is the last eurobanx but hopefully the Nash videos with all the lads and tackle and big nashy comes back well done oli Alan and All the lads at Nash absolutely smashed it big ups

  9. ST4 says

    All tracks in video: 2:19:15

  10. Scott Richmond says

    You guys need to make a Spotify play list for these tunes man, these are sick! Epic video as always guys

  11. carl gaston says

    Hahahah ledgends the beginning piss take you know it’s going to be a banger and boom 🤯 Best way to finish the euros lads 👍👍👍 stuck with this pandemic you’ve saved everyone’s sanity

  12. Anonymous says

    Oh boy a 2 hour fishing video is number 9 on trending

  13. Brian says

    An amazing end to an amazing series, really awesome! The beginning was quite funny i enjoyed it! Thanks again guys for taking us on a trip across eroupe! 👍🤘🤘

  14. MischiefDJ SHV says

    The biggining though. 🤣🤣

  15. Patrick Papke says

    Alan ist schon eine coole Socke manchmal , aber jetzt hat er den Vogel ab geschossen . So wie er da aussah, stelle ich ihn mir vor mit 12 Jahren . 🤣🤣
    Der Film ist wieder super geworden. 👌

  16. That Scaffolder says

    Well done lads epic loved it

  17. Lou Dogg says

    Really lost for words trying to type how EB makes me feel, For some of us this is unreal, travel to amazing venues, catch mega carp where its safe and you wont get robbed 😣 keep EB Rolling !
    this is the best it can get.

    Lekker Oli and Alan !

  18. Thomas The Tank Engine says

    Nice ads with some fishing in! 😂

  19. L Jex says

    Did ol just poor red bull on a carp????

  20. Carp Angler Pop Up says

    Sois una gran familia😊😊😊

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