How To Tie a Short Stiff Gyro Rig – Mike Wilson


Mike Wilson runs us through how he ties a Gyro rig for clean lake beds.

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  1. James Berry says

    First comment fucks

  2. gwl78 says

    Gardner muggas are best for ronnie rig.

  3. Roy Close says

    Well done nash 👍🎣🎣🎣

  4. J C says

    Biggest part of my spinner rig set up is that I can change the look easy when need that’s why I make them myself but ye it’s great version

  5. C Tranter says

    So you have to replace every thing when a hook blunts ? Great way to rip people off at £8 for 5. Get a grip Nash

  6. Wayne Nippard says

    So one of the key advantages of the ronnie ie. ability to change the hook quickly is lost on this rig? Genius 🥴

  7. jos devisser says

    1:28 nice quality bait screw

  8. Alphoenix gaming says

    I’d check your line coming off the big swivel on the hook the line looks kinked from when he pulled the line tight

  9. Røb Êrtō says

    What's Mikey getting away with now?

  10. Beautiful Video!👍🎣🐠😉
    Hug and good Fishing!

  11. Darryl Clarkson says

    There's no way your using Nash pop ups and leaving them out 48 hrs!! They hardly pop up a hook straight out of the tub!!!!!

  12. Ben Nicholson says


  13. Reptile Boy says

    NASH are copying Carl and Alex with their tutorials 🤬

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