How To Tie a Solid Bag – Alfie Willingale


Solid bags, everyone loves them! But how do you tie them?

Alfie Willingale runs us through how to tie a solid bag and the rig to go in it!

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  1. Huw John says

    Not seen anyone tie with lead at the bottom before

  2. Dean Stock says

    I take it Nash ain’t selling to much terminal tackle hence all these how to videos 🤔👍

  3. Oli Roberts says

    Nice copying carl and Alex 🤔🎣

  4. Jamie Warnes says


  5. Daniel Bowler says

    What’s to stop the lead faling through weed when the bag has dissolved

  6. Roy Close says

    Well done nash 👍🎣🎣🎣

  7. Beautiful Bait congratulations!
    Hug and good fishing!👍🎣🐟🐠

  8. Neville Bartos says

    You should bag up for el chapo with them skills alfie

  9. Neville Bartos says

    How many out takes are there of Alfie cutting the mainline when he was trimmin the bag ??

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