Micro Dot Spod


The Dot Spod’s baby brother – the Micro Dot Spod!

Smaller, lighter, more accurate and with the ability to cast even further! Perfect for discrete or minimal baiting scenarios.

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  1. Jo Fish says

    Sounds great

  2. Nikola Matic says

    Its made in Serbia. Carp system. But Nash did very smart thing that bought it from them. Its way way better than spomb…. thumbs up all the way

  3. Greg Curry says

    The need a larger one

  4. Daniel Bowler says

    Need a larger dot spod as well

  5. TjDolHaus86 says

    Make it bigger, not smaller

  6. Danny Bartlett says

    Iv had mine for just over 3 years long before Nash had even laid eyes on it and thought then it was a fantastic bit of kit. The guy who made it from Serbia is an absolute gentleman as well. Great to see this product more and more on the bank as spombs come to the end of there time Dot spomb is well ahead if its time and honestly couldn't imagine a session with out it now. 👏👏

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