Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast – S2 Episode 4 – Steve & Joan On Cassien


Nash Tackle’s carp fishing podcast invites Steve Briggs & Joan to join Dan and Alf for this episode.

Cassien is one of (if not the) most iconic carp fishing venues, held in the very highest regard by carp anglers all around the world. In this episode we explore the wonder of this magical place and relive over 30 years worth of incredible experiences, highs, lows and strange goings shared via Steve and Joan who are true Cassien carping pioneers and have been captivated by the lake since day one. Sit back prepare to laugh, cry, share in their incredible captures (including world firsts) and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. One things for sure I bet you’ll be planning you own trip to Cassien after listening to this.

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  1. David Shaw says

    What Steve Briggs doesn't know about carp fishing probably isn't worth knowing.. amazing angler .🎣👍

  2. Bald Eagle says

    How boss are Joan and Steve,put “lads” half their age to shame even now, refreshing guys well done.

  3. empty vessel yt says

    Tell em about Dartford n kriby in the 80z Steve. The valley was where it started.the darenth valley !

  4. stephen port says

    A legend and a pioneer of carp fishing in Europe set the standard for other to venture into Europe and beyond


    Bless em both the photo album's must be MENTAL!!!!

  6. Brian_Kent_Carper says

    That a future video! A to Z map book and a old car road trip to cassien!!!

  7. Gavin Robson says

    I love these 2 humble characters. Lovely to see them loving life the way they do #PURELIFEGOALS

  8. Wim van Waardhuizen says

    Great !!

  9. minandmotion says

    Great pod cast 👍 been lucky enough to go 3 times myself awesome water and mega fish 👍👍

  10. Martyn's Angling Adventures says

    Great listen

  11. Ilija Kavedžić says

    Love Steve, you can learn so much from him.

  12. bg media says

    Steve is a legend and one of my favourite fisherman ever always good to see him you can learn so much from this man

  13. Rob Eden says

    Such a humble guy and they are two of the nicest people you could meet, and in a sport where known anglers often change brand and sponsors this guy has stayed true and loyal to Nash for decades and just keeps on catching from all over the world …. Total respect to them both 👌👊👌

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