Spring Carp Fishing at Linear Fisheries!


Carp fishing in the Spring can be one of the best times to catch them! We joined Max on the bank at Linear Fisheries Hardwick Smiths last year for an early spring tear up! Max made the switch over to Scopex Squid for his spring fishing and it paid off in impressive style!

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  1. Tim says

    cool video it was really good

  2. Oli Roberts says

    Great video really enjoyed it 🎣👌

  3. Baz says

    Mr Hendry welldone m8 top angling

  4. Reggie Walker says

    Great video!!

  5. Samantha Kujawa says

    Smashed them up max well in bro! 🎣

  6. Stefen-25 says

    Pas de confinement chez Nash ????

  7. BAD Fishing BissAnschlagDrill says

    Nice catch my friend🎣👍🏼 Thumbs up👍🏼 Greetings from Germany🇩🇪

  8. cj tight - lines N.T says

    Well what can I say . When you said I hope you enjoy watching it iv watched it back to back three times . Max Hendry like I said total inspiration and one off my favourite anglers. #nolinearnoparty #squidsqwad #nashbait #nashtackle #justnash 🎣🎣🎣❤ big it up max one love cj 👊🎣🎣

  9. Stanislav Kusý says

    Great video Max & Lewis (y)

  10. Meme Team Turbo says

    How have you got out with covid 19 going around?

  11. Ed Dyer says

    Aha yeh man

  12. Nathan Mint says

    So what we all learnt here is that 3 rods is unnecessary (irresponsible?) on a water that is known to be prolific.

  13. KH tree and landscape says

    Nice one again not using a nash reel 🤣🤣

  14. Shaun Grundy says

    The last mirror at the end was gorgeous. All the best with your fishing Max.

  15. Thomas Boyle says

    Are there any restrictions with fishing over there. I am looking to fish here but the weather has not been good. Stay safe

  16. Your fishing equipment is beautiful, congratulations on your fishing was incredible.

  17. D uggan says

    Amazing video Nash always love linear what a great place!!!!!

  18. D uggan says

    Who’s put a hookless rig in there fish tank already #quarantine

  19. Daniel Bowler says

    Ace session that. Making me sad We are all confined to home just as the fish are waking up 😭

  20. Horror freak London says

    Just goes to show if you copy the fox boys you will catch plenty

  21. Joshua Stephens says

    That swim on hardwick gets some serious abuse

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