1. Steve stop makin me jealous you tw** LOL you go fishing more abroad than i do in england atm lol

  2. Chris PlayStation says

    Thanks Steve been watching all your videos over lockdown and covid times etc. Your an inspiration ❤️

  3. NIИ says

    Best angler in Nash, a deeply inspiration for me Steve, stay safe and big hug from Portugal. 👍

  4. Plecat La Pescuit says

    Great video, Steve, like always! Congratulations! 🙂

  5. Ilija Kavedžić says

    I was waiting for this. Greetings from Croatia 🇭🇷

  6. Gary Guest says

    Always a great watch from the humblest and most experienced of carp anglers in the Nash team
    Loved it mate – tight lines pal👍🏻 Brilliant stuff

  7. Richard Jones says

    Great fishing Steve watching all your videos just makes me want to go fishing

  8. Ian Bezant says

    As always a great video from a top angler

  9. Gary Fotherinham says

    Another great video Steve 😀

  10. Jordan Cox says

    Great watch again Steve, tight lines spot on

  11. RAJ Mcguiness says

    You and your wife are an inspiration to all. I pray for you both to be happy and safe. 👍🙏

  12. Roy Close says

    Great video again Steve hope you and your missus is well and staying safe tight lines mate 👍 👌

  13. Stid Starz says

    Fantastic video Steve, really nice to see Joan and you on a bank and catching fish. Have to mention the film quality, really pin sharp and broadcast quality, really does pay to invest in quality gear if you post like you do. I see you had the obligatory downpour, never the same unless you have not battened down the hatches against the skies opening. You did well to battle through the illness Steve, not like to reel rods in so you much have been bad. Those fish are such beauties and strong buggers too. Thanks for posting

  14. In the Mix says

    Absolutely brilliant once again. Superb fishing at a truly beautiful spot. Thanks Steve & Joan.

  15. Ryan Jooste says

    Well done Steve and Joan, as always enjoyable and inspiring. Only wish I had a wife who would enjoy fishing as Auny Joan does. Hope to bump into you guys one day on the bankone . Thanks a mil

  16. Mitchell Basten says

    well done steve another great trip and well done on reaching your targets

  17. Darren Winstone says

    Well done on your 15th country 50

  18. No Limit Team says

    All the best for You and Joan from neighbours 🙂 🙂 🙂 See You next time 🙂

  19. James Becker says

    Another great blog Steve, thanks for sharing your journey

  20. Emil Betoniasz says

    👑Carp king…….🔥🔥💪

  21. carpforever says

    Yessss finaly a new vid , thanks mr briggs 💯your the best bruv💯👈

  22. Martin Uhr says

    but in my view.."area 2" looks really nice…great place, great swim.

  23. Daniel Walker says

    Love you and your Joans videos Steve as you well know mate they well and truly make my evening😁 fabulous carp fishing yet again and really nice to see you using the original Big Long casts,I had them for about 16 years but at to upgrade to lighter reels due to arthritis in my wrists!!!! But I love them reels☝️Atb to you and Joan thank you,Danboy 👊

  24. MarkCarpFishing says

    Always a pleasure to watch!

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