1. Carp Angler Pop Up says


  2. Roy Close says

    Excellent result Steve looks a brutal lake but well done all the hard work paid off 🎣🎣🎣🐟👍👌

  3. leigh roland says

    It's a very special lake for sure. Possibly the very best of them all!

  4. Helmut Thielen says

    Steve, I know how hard it is to fish on the Cote D'Azur. But you did it again Congratulations! I am pleased to see you both healthy.

  5. Eric Romijn says

    Another great film m8

  6. Lee M says

    cracking looking mirror 👌

  7. hatterbarbel says

    Catching the fish crash out made me jump 😄

  8. fishwithandy says

    That was Great

  9. Nathan Xx Corlett Xx says

    Well done m8 great fish whats the last lake called m8 thanks

  10. Simon Crow says

    Another awesome film mate x

  11. JackTM says

    Cracking mirror, love your videos🎣

  12. MISHA entertainment says

    Very nice video and a magnificent mirror, keep up the good stuff 😉

  13. jzaDale says

    The amount of effort and thought deserves a top fish like that, we'll done Steve

  14. Eamon Burrows says

    Another cracking vlog Steve, keep them coming, regards to Joan too…

  15. Daza Brown says

    Lovely film Steve!!!! Really enjoyed this like

  16. Daniel Walker says

    Really enjoyed this one Steve,6000 acres and only 500 hundred fish and you caught😮loved the swimming out and baiting up with the head gear that was awesome never seen that before,and those fire planes were brilliant too,thank you very much Danboy👍

  17. Paul Goodey says

    Took me back to the 80s when 3 mates and myself went to Lake Bled and fished for carp when it was the former Yugoslavia, didnt know what to expect but a great experience.
    Keep em coming Steve .

  18. Paul Goodey says

    Top vid Steve
    Really enjoyed the whole story, the deer, underwater, tench, full moon through guides and all about how carp fishing can be bloody hard at times.
    Well done on catching a lovely mirror from a rock hard venue.

  19. Clive Portelli says

    Great watch again Steve much love to you and Joan ❤️🎣🎣

  20. Vladimír Lojka says

    Great video.

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