I Got a $75 Ticket While Fishing! Cop was WRONG!


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  1. Alex Figueroa says

    Brant for president 2024! A win for us and the only man that brings the fishing pole on his Anniversary and gets away with it! 💯✊🏻

  2. Paul Jensen says

    $5 an hour to park? That's bullshit.

  3. Jared Fran says

    They are just hoping people won’t fight those tickets

  4. D A says

    Pretty sure @jettyrocksfishing Mike D calls them the 'mother-in-law' fish 🤭🤭

  5. Coleman T says

    More important… There should be NO REASON WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE TO PAY $15 to park at Blind Pass. That is pure BS government making money and providing NOTHING! Looks like the Meter Maid that wrote the ticket was #1231. You should have been able to confront the dole worker with his/her error.

  6. Eddie Dougherty says

    That’s a sand perch

  7. Tim Duncan says

    Corruption is everywhere

  8. Sanibel Island Girl says

    The Sanibel Police oversees the Parking… but the police do not write the tickets … they have a civilian parking lady who’s very sneaky

  9. Glitch Mac says

    I didn’t realize how close we live! (Atleast I’m kinda close to blind pass) my dads friend has a vacation house that we stay in every once in a while right beside blind pass to! I always fish the snook lights at night and in the morning I fish the end of the dock for jack and sometimes even SQUID that just randomly swim around by our dock

  10. Ed Branch says

    👍 for Melanie! Cool video brother!

  11. Richard Evans says

    A bear!

  12. Rick Metz says

    YEP, welcome to south Florida and out of county/state tag, LOL some won't dispute the ticket and just pay it but I hope it was just an oversight and not on purpose, LOL.

    Great show and glad you got out of the ticket, you were exactly right,,,

  13. troutmasterffej says

    Are Melanie's sunglasses a new prototype waterland design?

  14. Jacob Bookout says

    That ugly fish was a stargazer

  15. john faur says

    Fish looked like a star gazer

  16. Christopher Mueller says

    You all are great, great video, way to refer to “beach bum”!!!

  17. Michael Szalay says

    Brant that ugly fish was a stargazer very poisonous fish

  18. Bee Bop says

    lol You need to write the city/town whatever it is an invoice for your travel expense. $.55 per mile. And your time at a reasonable rate. And submit it to their office. If they ignore it or refuge to pay then resubmit it after 30 days with allowable interest. Check it but usually around 1.5 % per month. And continue to do so and start calling their accounts payable office. Next the Mayors office.
    That's if you really want to fix the problem.

  19. Tim Johnson says

    Awesome video you guys, love your content. I look forward to every video!

  20. Kody says

    next time you come down this way, you gotta go try sanibel pier.

  21. Porfirio Torres says

    Should be flipped and they pay u 4 the lost time u spent fixing there mistake

  22. Vickie Binegar says

    I think that fish was a sea robin not sure didn't see it real good

  23. Alex Scott says

    Great job Mel

  24. Ron Petri says

    That ugly fish was a stargazer dont touch it they give electric shock i found out the hard way bzz buzz. Ow

  25. Bannen Pospisil says

    Yo, I fish here all the time, I'm pretty sure is the pass between sanibell and captiva

  26. Bannen Pospisil says

    Like I was there a week ago

  27. Bannen Pospisil says

    And the fish that you asked was, the bait fish, it was sand brim, I cast pretty big ones out and fish for sharks, there hell good bait

  28. Christian Robeson says

    Brant, you need to stay at castaways so you dont have to pay to park. Just walk from your condo.

  29. A Bennett says

    It’s a failure in Americans holding government accountable, that allows this nonsense! If your City Council enjoys bending over its constituents, replace them, all of them. It’s never about safety, it’s always about revenue. Revenue Agents are cowards! Who’s the victim?

  30. JOHN Searcy says

    You are 100% correct! They just write tickets & hope that no one has the time or Patience to fight it. And if not, the city makes cash $$$ from it & many other cities do the same thing! It's a 100% rip off to the tax paying people but yet, the city gives not a single damn about it. Smh.

  31. Duckwacker says

    The city does not "need" to make any money off of us! They steal too much money from us already.

  32. Duckwacker says

    It's BS that they're extorting us for parking in our public property.

  33. J Holton says

    Nice couple when is he going to start a rumble account? Make some extra bucks

  34. Capt. Stubby says

    Ya know that doesn't happen when you fish from a boat. LOL. BUY ANOTHER BOAT. YOUTUBE IS FULL OF BANK BAIT SOAKERS. YOU WERE ONE OF THE FEW. Fine, I'm done, Do your thing. Hope you get lots of followers. I'll stay with ya but really? A croaker soaker from the bank? You and all the Jethros are sharing viewers.

  35. Johnathan Ferrara says

    This happened to me at sanibel pier literally about a week ago!

  36. Jim S says

    That happens at Blind pass too often. I’ve had it happen parking on both sides of the pass. Got to fight it.

  37. Anthony Rollins says

    Way to go Ms Melonie. You will land one next time


    But that’s an hour of your life you will never get back…. how much is an hour of your time worth?

  39. Bert Clayton says

    Many places make up their own laws as well as their ways to set people up. Which itd be good if the news agencies would report on this more.
    Like this situation, he should have contacted the local news media as it's government corruption! Which is the basis for the freedom of the press.

  40. Austin Grimm says

    I fish there all the time Brandt, I’ve never gotten a ticket one like that. Always slayin out there !

  41. SteveO Koren says

    Let's put a dress on Beach Bum, that way he will be equal fishing wise to Melanie.

  42. Fishin magician says

    Great trip ,and I did get a ticket like that in NY. City the cop did not even look at the receipt on my dash,so nI did the same and disputed it they tore it up ….Thanks for sharing Tight Lines

  43. Running In Flip Flops says

    About a decade ago, I got a parking ticket for “expired registration” when my registration was up to date. I went to the issuing police department, showed them the ticket and my registration and the shift supervisor said that there was nothing they can do. I then went to the Clerk of Courts and displayed the ticket and my registration. I was told that this was a common practice within the police departments and they see similar situations on a daily basis and unfortunately there’s nothing they can do either. Long story short, I had to pay for a ticket that was falsely written. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  44. Rusky Rosco says

    They gave us a ticket at Blind, they apologized after they realized we are locals. It's a scam to rip off tourists. Just waiting for the day it's 20 to get over the bridge. Unfortunate but happens everyday.

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