Chapter Five | The Crayfish Man | Reflections | Volume Two


Does your job help you in the pursuit of carp? Maybe your commute takes you along a snaggy section of canal or you spend your lunch break by the side of a park lake? Both of these scenarios could help you locate your quarry without even having a rod with you; but what if you were a crayfish trapper? Every day you spend sifting through endless pots of invasive species, at one with the water. Spending that amount of time surrounded by the pits of the Cotswolds is bound to help your angling, and this is just what we focus on in this piece.

Many years ago, Mitch Hammonds spotted a fish he dearly wanted to catch known as The Croc. Thankfully his occupation as a crayfish trapper helped him on his journey, culminating in the capture of this truly incredible creature.

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