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Adam Penning’s album is veritably busting at the seams with photos of huge carp, including some of the most loved and prized the country has ever seen. The last 18 months, however, has seen that album grow considerably, with some incredible mirrors and to quote the man himself, a few ‘astro-biblical’ commons falling to Adam’s rods.

Fishing across a variety of different venues, through all four seasons, he simply couldn’t put a foot wrong. Thankfully, we joined him for many of the wonderful moments and captured some magnificent fish and the stories to go alongside them.

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Sticky Baits
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  1. Rod Duster says


  2. Nick says

    thumbs down for swearing !!!!!!! shame on you Sticky Baits …….

  3. lac 74 says

    That 51lb was a beauty!!.I'm ordering his book tommorw! Adam is up there with the best of them!! Ozzy .Darrell terry .scott lloyd!! All them boys !! Great angler

  4. Rolandas Bagdonavicius says

    Superb thanks.

  5. Robert Keyse says

    Sticky make the best films, hands down.

  6. Raymond Keech says

    Well done Adam top angler son . Big inspiration from your Korda days but gone on to better days now , your one of the top carp fishermen along side terry nick gaz in Marcus 👍😊🎣🎣

  7. Abe Lee says

    Top man penners! One of the best out there

  8. Sam Feltwell says

    This Film is absolute Gold Fantastic!! Best film I’ve watched in a long time! Adam is a Naturally Gifted angler with the ability to tell an amazing Story! Look forward to watching more in the future

  9. SONGSTICKS says

    Wow… Some of those big bellied Beasties are proper obese monsters. All of them Beautiful creatures. Really taken with this guy, such a great speaker and you can feel his passion for these fish and the whole world of carp fishing. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this, especially as I was born and grew up in Chelmsford 57yrs ago and can remember quite a few fishing locations with affection. Great video… Thankyou for sharing your journey.

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