Chapter Three | The Berkshire Black | Reflections | Volume Three


Scott Lloyd has travelled down south for his fishing for many years, being drawn from his North West home to some of the finest venues the country has to offer. In order to make the long journeys worthwhile, he has to find a fish that gives him a buzz, and deep in darkest Berkshire, he found just that.

Having fished Burghfield, he heard about a spectacular looking carp relatively close by, known as the Baby Black. Long, lean and incredibly big, Scott set his sights on one of the county’s most sought after carp.

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  1. Joe Fairweather says


  2. lac 74 says

    Uv no idea how long iv been waiting 4 this one read about this fish in ozzys book!! Hope scott writes a book

  3. Kenneth Renoeden says

    Yes Scott!!!! What a banger!!!

  4. Bangin noobs says

    Truly amazing, no idea why so much negative press, jealousy from the anglers that haven’t been fortunate enough to catch him ! Well done scott lovely video

  5. Kenneth Renoeden says

    Well done Scott your a true water craftsman 👍🌊

  6. Chaz Wyatt says

    Another great watch scott when done dude

  7. James C says

    Eggyyyy lad

  8. Nathan Corlett says

    Amazing film.amazing carp.amazing angler.stop stuff Scott well deserved pal well done

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