Chapter Two | The Hunter's Moon | Reflections | Volume Three


Angling companionship is a strong bond, and few are stronger than that of Martin Bowler and Chris Yates. Despite coming from different generations, the pair are the best of friends, and enjoy each other’s company more and more as the years go by.

Join Martin and Chris, as they venture down to the stunning estate lake that inspired Chris’ iconic book, The Secret Carp. Not only is the lake still magnificent, but 30 years on from the publication of Chris’ famous book, the fish have grown considerably too.

Sticky Baits
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  1. Adhdgjsfg says

    I told you a year ago to upgrade your tackle, lifetime ban now

  2. Darren Armes says

    Best One out of the bunch again 👌👌

  3. Gavin Frape says

    So who else is going to be catching 12 leaves falling from a tree this autumn

  4. Peter Tomlinson says

    Absolutely beautiful

  5. Martin Piggins says

    Wonderful fish but very disappointing that none of them were Chris’s.

  6. Paul Franciosi says

    And what do we have here then .Time to chill kettle on ,time for legends.

  7. Darren Simpkin says

    These films with Chris in are absolutely incredible, he is such an interesting character.

    Does anyone else feel these show films show everything that is wrong in the modern angling ? Chris is absolutely smitten with just being there, catching or not, he just loves being on the bank.

    This is truly beautiful.

  8. Get N Bit Productions says

    I really appreciate the art and the great story telling that the cinematographer captures! Who is the person behind the camera? What cameras and lenses are used? Thanks! 🎣🎥👍🏼

  9. Mick Newey says

    Great a carp vid on YouTube I can actually watch all the way through

  10. Robert Remijnse says

    Chris Yates, world's most inspiring angler.

  11. Oz H says

    Sublime! A class film. No one sets atmosphere quite like Yates unique style. Add exquisite filming and a wonderful, engaging story and you get a bit of pure magic!

  12. Slingdad Dom says

    I could watch this all day. Thank you so much. Chris is like a hero to me. I have read his words and watched his shows for so many years.

  13. gixxermaan says

    Beats all the stupid cackling that you get on tv, so loud the scarecrows up and leave.
    Fantastic film 👍

  14. Off the Scale magazine says

    As expected, magical 🙏👏

  15. Iliyan Carp Addict TV says

    A very spiritual video !!! Spectacular cinematographic images📽️👌….. A beautiful carp!!!

  16. oddball 1 says

    Chris Yates is a proper legend, Martin is a bit of a Chris Yates wannabe but come across well

  17. john shrimpton says

    Simply a brilliant film , and with Chris's narration makes it all the more special , great stuff !

  18. PAUL TAYLOR says

    Another amazing timeless video, well done and thank you 🙂

  19. Kearnu Stapleton says

    Chris is such a legend and a real ale drinker proper bloke, great film!

  20. King of the Pond says

    Epic, shame Chris didn’t catch one, but then he doesn’t need too, you can see his love for just being there. More Chris vids please ☺️

  21. Martin Mullen says

    You’ve got to love these two characters fishing. I have been around Carp Angling a very long time, not quite as long as Chris Yates. Chris is such a genuine guy and he is pleased to see other people catch fish. It is in this Angling that highlights what is wrong with today’s modern scene it’s not just the catching, it’s about being there.

  22. PETE HOLFORD says

    brilliant! well worth waiting for. Anything with Chris or Martin in is well worth watching. Put the 2 together & it's a masterpiece.

  23. DickOswald says

    Anyone knows where the lake is? I want to freaking know where this is because it caught my eye the first time i saw it in an old video with martin its so beautiful and peaceful i wanna go there!

  24. James Gibbons says

    The only film to ever make me feel so sad about the current state of carp fishing. A real eye opener to what fishing is all about.

  25. DanNuttyButty says

    Thank you Sticky Baits TV!

  26. Mark Shettle Fitness says

    What a beautiful film, it actually bought a tear to my eye…a reminder of the reason we all love fishing…thank you!

  27. james Hunt says

    Sheer perfection….. I knew a girl called molly and she is very suitable for that cave life

  28. ukedc says

    Nice film, although I prefer solitary Chris rather than him paired up with a “modern” bivvy and buzzers sidekick.

  29. John lee says

    I'm sorry but Martins quite annoying in this video the way he talks to Chris, very false. lovely place & some lovely fish but like I said.. A bit annoying.

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