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Adam Penning’s album is veritably busting at the seams with photos of huge carp, including some of the most loved and prized the country has ever seen. The last 18 months, however, has seen that album grow considerably, with some incredible mirrors and to quote the man himself, a few ‘astro-biblical’ commons falling to Adam’s rods.

Fishing across a variety of different venues, through all four seasons, he simply couldn’t put a foot wrong. Thankfully, we joined him for many of the wonderful moments and captured some magnificent fish and the stories to go alongside them.

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  1. Rod Duster says

    O come on, you got me again 😂

  2. Logan says

    wanna be friends?

  3. Logan ✓ says

    wanna be friends?

  4. Garry Brown says

    Now this man I can watch and listen too all day just like terry hearn great at what they do 😁

  5. Lptuk uk says

    Penners has to be one of my all time favourites presenters/anglers.

  6. Tayo French says


  7. FLeZ says

    The episode I've been waiting for 👌

  8. Paul Franciosi says

    Nice man ,Great angler.No Doubt quality video.

  9. Sat Nav Gav says

    Astro biblically astonishing Adam can't wait mate 😃👍

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