Reflections | Volume Three | Martin Bowler & Chris Yates | The Hunter's Moon | OFFICIAL TRAILER


Angling companionship is a strong bond, and few are stronger than that of Martin Bowler and Chris Yates. Despite coming from different generations, the pair are the best of friends, and enjoy each other’s company more and more as the years go by.

Join Martin and Chris, as they venture down to the stunning estate lake that inspired Chris’ iconic book, The Secret Carp. Not only is the lake still magnificent, but 30 years on from the publication of Chris’ famous book, the fish have grown considerably too.

Sticky Baits
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  1. Jez Carp says

    So looking forward to seeing this one, Martin & Chris just fantastic angler's 👍🎣🐟🙂

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    Very cool. Keep working Hard! I would love To be friends xo

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    Can't wait for this one 👍

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    looking forward to this masterpiece!

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    Here before 21000 Subscribers. more content please. Let's Build each other up :O

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    Great channel. keep growing! Also, I Want to be friends =O

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    Awesome vid. I Hope you make it big One day! I really want to be friends :d

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