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The Last of the Mohicans | Scott Lloyd

The Last of the Mohicans | Scott Lloyd

In this interview, we go in depth into just what happened leading up to and during the capture of what many call the finest carp in the land; the Burghfield Common. Find out in intricate detail how Scott went about his business on this demanding venue, culminating in its ultimate prize.

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22 thoughts on “The Last of the Mohicans | Scott Lloyd

  1. Been watching your vlogs and you sound like a top fella well you must be your a northerner us northeners are always sound lads lol belting video scott

  2. Fish of a lifetime…immense

  3. Bravo 👏🏻 sticky … Scotts the man, good watch that 🐟

  4. Result and nice video . What a common. Good carping

  5. Now that's some top wishing my carpy brother. My grandad always said the #lurkers are always the ones on their own or with one or two friends and to catch the #lurker you must watch follow and learn it's way of living and feeding and the adventure and capture of your target is all part of the wishing ( fishing ) buzz. Congratulations my carpy brother 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🎣

  6. Well done, why avoid using the word bait boat though? Fishing an island at 160 and another at 300?

  7. What a creature, congratulations 👍🏻.

  8. this is 3 years old

  9. love this guy! what an awesome carp, great video!!!

  10. Incredible carp, well done!

  11. ………… Wow……. Mint!!!!! That was an experience just watching that. The ultimate dream….. Wow.. 😳

  12. Great vid as always from the guys at sticky.Just a shame it wasn't 40mins longer.Top marks guys for another beautifully shot and edited film.

  13. So it went 62 exactly to 61 14 then scribed 62 8 on the log, don't you take the lowest? Anyway cracking fish, walked round the lake many moons ago and it looked wild back then!

  14. This man is a very good carp angler and I love the humour it's not all working for the secret servive

  15. Great fish. Cant bear hearing the constant use of 'sort of'.

  16. That will take some topping Scott, I bet your still buzzing now bro 🙂

  17. I do like the fact that the hook bait it was caught on was included, not being a sticky product. Good company ethics. Well done. And the fish that's just mega, top, top draw angling! I dip my cap.

  18. Awsome dude banger !!

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