Following the huge success of TA|RAW, we are delighted to announce our brand-new collection of films; TA|Insights!

During 2019, we ventured out with eight of our anglers, in the hope of creating a perfect blend of tactical information and amazing carp. It wasn’t easy, with each film following a live session, anything could have happened. The question is, did our gamble pay off?

Well, with UK carp to over 40lb on display, all caught live for the cameras, you won’t want to miss this series.

Join; Gareth Fareham, Jake Wildbore, Scott Lloyd, Steve Renyard, Nick Helleur, Myles Gibson, Mitch Hammonds and Oz Holness on some spectacular venues in the UK and abroad.

The full series, containing over 4.5 hours of footage, will be live at 4PM on Sunday 1st March 2020, on the Thinking Anglers YouTube channel and website.

Thinking Anglers
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  1. Justin Steel says

    Come on !!!!!

  2. Moocha says

    Eggy lad!!!!!

  3. juan pienaar says

    Standing by

  4. Matthew shaw says

    Looks absolutely mint..

  5. Para Daz says

    This is going to be epic!!!!!
    Go on TA

  6. Joe Campbell says

    Come onnnnnn.absolutley buzzing can’t wait

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