TA | RAW | Gaz Fareham & Marcus Howarth | The Reservoir


In this first instalment of TA RAW by Gaz Fareham and Marcus Howarth, the pair head to the south of France, to a large reservoir in the middle of nowhere! Faced with cold winds but with the sun high in the sky, the fishing was tough, however Gaz and Marcus put the effort in and were rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Sit back and enjoy this truly amazing session, including four fish over the magical 40lb mark.

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  1. Carl Brown says

    No point watching that…another sob story and the ending before I even get 2min into it…someone teach this lot to stop blowing trumpets and let the story tell its self

  2. Roby pes too says

    Great video. 🎣💕✌️

  3. Mattie Mclean says

    "over the moon with this one" has to be the most annoying and over-used in modern carp vids. Nonsense

  4. Ben Nicholson says

    What I don't get is , and it's not just this video, is they all wear wadders yet when they send the fish back put there long sleeves from their coats in the water, just roll them up 😂

  5. Thomas Rollinson says

    Gaz Fareham, one of the coolest looking blokes to have ever worn a beard 👨🏽. Top video…

  6. Perfected Particles says

    quality video loved it also subsurface one of the best book collections out there

  7. Przemek Pelar says

    Hi guys never been in France carping but I would like to go somewhere but I don't want go to commercial waters I prefer something like this lake peace and quiet not many people Can I have some location in France please …

  8. Graham Dell says

    ‘Quick 3 days’ 😆

  9. Carping Chris Whitehall says

    Great stuff by both of you. Does remind me of the Chanty conditions Alan Taylor used to have. Great to see you enjoying adventures outside the UK, love seeing these vlogs striking out as does Samir.
    Keep it up both of you its about making memories and sharing with mates. That's priceless and you can't put a price on that.

  10. Matt Whittaker says

    Yet another quality vid from Gaz!! Not long read the article in carpology, thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for this 👍🏼🎣👌🏼

  11. bald vale says

    Brillaint Lads, top camera work.

  12. DD CC says

    Banging video guys 👍 proper enjoyed it

  13. Dan Nardini says

    Impressive video, but what's even more impressive is the size of Gaz's jacket collection! 🙌

  14. Cast-A-Line Heseltine says

    Enjoyed that thanks guys 😉

  15. Adam Pearce says

    Anyone know the soundtrack 1.30

  16. Scott Shepherd says

    Great video👏🏻Thought there might finally be one without the word ‘buzzing’ in it, but Gaz then got two in in quick succession😩

  17. Simon Bedden says

    beautifully filmed as always guys….

  18. Neil Burr says

    That 33lber with the mark on its gill cover has an almost green dorsal fin!! 😮 Amazing fish. Cracking little vid, gents. Nice one

  19. Sat Nav Gav says

    Epic vlog lads well done👍

  20. James Beeny says

    Great film shame it wasn't longer

  21. Nathan Clayton says

    Amazing as always lads! Gaz and Marcus true pioneers to the carp angling trade!

  22. Peter Perrins says

    Excellent stuff

  23. Kevin Dean says

    Great film, great result fella's

  24. It's gotta be Carpy says

    Quality.. really enjoyed that. 👍👍

  25. Matt Jones says

    Anyone know the location of this res …

  26. david smith says


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