TA | RAW | Oz Holness | Vlog – 005


Oz is back out vlogging again, this time we join him across two separate sessions on one of his old stomping grounds, the incredible Swan Lake, part of Mid-Kent Fisheries’ line-up of mega waters.

In the midst of a summer heatwave, Oz manages to find himself a few carp as well as enjoying some great bankside cuisine, and don’t worry, Jim the ever-faithful carp dog is back too!

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  1. Gary Stenning says

    Cheers Oz, always look forward to your Vlogs.

  2. monkey magic says

    Loved watching this. Oz is the carpiest guy around. Cheers

  3. James N says

    I did an overnighter in that last swim about 15 years ago (in the days of cut tail) I’d finally dropped off after the last train had passed by and woke up about an hour later to some rustling sounds just outside my brolly. I called out but no one answered so I unzipped my bag and jumped out to confront whoever was there to find nobody there at all. Really confused, I looked around and noticed my carrier bag from Morrison’s move and when I looked closer it had a hedgehog inside it. I let him go his merry way and went back to bed to get sleep before work in the morning. I slept really badly and was woken up just after dawn to something tugging on my sleeping bag. I shouted out to fuck off and no one replied so I rolled over to give them a mouthful and found a sheep had taken a liking to it and was nibbling away on my cover. I blanked.

  4. Richard Heppinstall says

    Bravo old chap. Crackin fish and rib eye to boot. Happy days👏👏👏

  5. Hi Ryze says

    Hi mate great vlog, just wondering was you using back leads or slack lines…..

  6. addicted2carpfishingTV says

    Fantastic content as always Oz! More great insight to your fishing! That sun set was amazing! Lovely looking water. Thanks for showing that cadac looks pukka, gonna have to get one of them!! Lovely commons mate! That glow worm was epic wasn't it! Thanks again Oz top top man! Tight lines and stay safe 🎣

  7. Stuart the Pear says

    Nice one Oz.. Good to see old Jim enjoying the summer steaks….

  8. KH tree and landscape says

    Well done mate nice video

    Jim Jim


    Yer where done 🥰👌

  9. Walnuts1706 says

    Brilliant vlog as always Oz great

  10. Paul Vowles says

    Another quality blog mate,good stuff,

  11. Charlie Keeling says

    Awesome oz

  12. Michael Curtis says

    I adore your videos mate,your whole outlook on life really. Amazing angler and seem such a nice bloke
    How long is jim? He's a lovely old boy to ❤️

  13. Paul Morgan says

    Great vlog as always Oz, some lovely commons as well 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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