TA | RAW | Scott Lloyd |Vlog – 002


TA | RAW is a brand-new vlog based series. We’ve armed a few of our consultants with 4K handy cams, so we can follow them through their day to day fishing.

In the latest instalment of the TA | RAW Vlog series, we pick up where we left off in vlog 001, with Scott Lloyd leaving Christchurch and heading off on a road trip to Belgium for the week. There’s highs, lows and everything in-between, as Scott and his brother Baz try there hardest to slip up some of the incredible fish they find in the vast canals and a secret lake. #ThinkingAnglers #CarpFishing


  1. Steve Mason says


  2. alex sheldy says

    Seem to be suffering a lot of “hook pulls” id contemplate a rig change if I was you.

  3. yido 10 says

    One of the best carp anglers !!#burghfeild common !! Bitemark !! Respect

  4. Thomas The Tank Engine says

    Best thing to do when you’re fishing a canal at side of road mate, is just throw a load of bricks in and fuck off home 😂

  5. Surrey CarpTV says

    Brilliant video! I love thinking anglers. We subscribed, check out our videos too 👍🏻

  6. Chaz Wyatt says

    Great stuff Scott do like blogs 👍👏

  7. Dave Stone says

    Do all Thinking Anglers live at home with their mums and dads ?

  8. Billy Martin says

    Love the vlog lad proper carp fishing

  9. Paul Webber says

    Should av caught a lot more there eggy lad poor effort

  10. Carpinator1 says

    Proper gay throw 😂



  12. TheFullyscaled says

    Great vid! Keep em coming.

  13. James Gibbons says

    New vlogs are quality Scott some graft went into catching those canal carp hats off to you. Great to see thinking Angler’s doing online content again got some of the best Angler’s in the business involved with the company so it’s always good to watch the content👍🏼

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