Adam's Angling Adventures – Episode 1 – Featuring Jerry Hammond


In the first of a new series exclusive to our YouTube channel, Adam Reed hooks up with fellow Trakker team member Jerry Hammond at an intimate water in the Bedfordshire countryside, with the aim of targeting it’s inhabitants at close-range using our Propel 6ft Stalking Rods.

During their session, Adam chast with Jerry about his mindset and approach when it comes to fishing for some of the most-elusive big carp this country has to offer.

Adam also takes a closer look at our Propel 6ft Stalking Rod and 12ft Floater Rod, and explains how to enter our great competition to win one of the Stalking Rods for yourself – which usually retail at RRP £159.99 – so watch until the end for full details!


  1. Green screen says

    11lb 10oz the camera all ways adds two stone!

  2. Spencer Andrews says

    Great vid, 13lbs 4oz.

  3. Jed i Carper says


  4. Macauley Shooter says

    15lb 2oz

  5. rough slugger says

    Great looking little stalking rod
    11lb 2 ozs

  6. Clinton Clouting says

    15lb8oz good luck everyone 🎣🎣🎣🎣

  7. Thomas Miller says

    13-7 keep it up Adam

  8. Ray Walpole says

    Great vid, 14lb 7oz is my guess

  9. Dean Armstrong says

    Enjoy this video and 12lb 5oz.

  10. Andrew Kendall says

    17lb 4 oz banger

  11. Simon Brockbank says

    Good vid

    . 11.10 I would say.. 👌

  12. Hania online says

    6.800 kg . good job, nice fish

  13. kev stevens says

    13lbs 10oz


    13lbs.and I've been subscribed for a long time now.Nice fish to end it.

  15. Gary john wenborne says

    14lb on the nose

  16. mad4carp carpingmad says

    16lb 6oz great stuff 🤙

  17. Michael Watkins says

    15lb 12oz

  18. terry weedon says

    Great catch 15:2

  19. Ali Sweeney says

    15lb 4oz

  20. Dean Finch says

    13lb 6oz

  21. Grant Harvey says

    16lb 4oz is my guess. Good luck everyone.

  22. Ben Denton says


  23. Ross Southby says

    14lb 9 . Cracking video 👍👍💪💪🎣🎣

  24. Stephen Morse says

    17lb 4 looking forward to the next episode

  25. Steve Mcgonagle says

    17.02 . Looking to be a great little series 👍

  26. 4*2* 0 says

    16lb 3oz

  27. Darren Watson says

    12lb 8oz

  28. Craig Durkin says

    13lb 6oz

  29. Cast-A-Line Heseltine says

    16lb 2oz 👌

  30. Scott Armitage says

    14lb 8oz 😁

  31. Great little rods " 17lb 2oz mirror.

  32. Les Pond6 says

    15lb 12oz

  33. Oliver Queen says

    Sorry but adverts (the same ones) every 2 minutes is riduculous! No it even halfway through & 4 adverts already! Don’t get this amount anywhere else. Unsubscribed.

  34. ian __ says

    13,6lbs awesome video👌keep the great work up🐳

  35. Mark Cordery says

    Hi Adam, I think your mirror went 17 pounds and 5 ounces

  36. Martijn Blauw says

    Nice to see small lakes are also a challenge for good anglers. Nice video! The fish is 16lbs 2oz. Never owned a 6 feet rod before. Verry curious about the quality and feel of it.

  37. Malcolm Fells says

    Hi Adam good little video that fish was 19lbs 5oz

  38. Adam Arnold says

    16lb 8oz

  39. Owen Worsell says

    17lb 8oz

  40. Tomas Havlicek says

    17lb 12oz great video lads!!👍🎣

  41. Tuxedo T says

    Nice video that one , so weedy that lake , 14lb 6oz

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