Adam's Angling Adventures – Episode 3 – Horseshoe Lake


We had a great time filming new products for 2021 down at the famous Horseshoe Lake earlier in the autumn, with a number of good fish falling to Adam’s rods, and one of the largest in the lake paying our media manager, Gaz, an early-morning visit!

Adam also takes a look at two handy items we released as part of our Autumn/Winter 2020 range – and as usual there’s a chance for someone to win the items, so pay attention for details of how to enter!


  1. Lee Cartwright says

    My v2 tempest

  2. Simon Pickup says

    Trakkar comib chair for me great little chair for the bank

  3. Carp_ Croatia says

    My favorite takker product is Tempest Advanced 100 Inner Capsule
    and I'll buy another one after Christmas

  4. Tinys Tiddlers says

    My 2 peice core winter suit keeps me toasty OTB 🎣🎣🎣

  5. micheal Goodyear says

    baiting spoons are without dough the best priced product where I felt you got more for your money . and I have to say that not soothing you can say often when buying any bits of fishing tackle

  6. John Wharton says

    Favourite Trakker product: Tempest V2 Brolly, cracking bit of kit.

  7. Darryl Clarkson says

    Tempest v2, love it.

  8. BeanzOMG says

    Purchased my first night fishing set up with Trakker! Advanced brolly, the bed, big snooze set, love it!

  9. gary price says

    My trakker tempest v2 air

  10. Chris Mackey says

    My Trakker Armo Rod Hod. It must be more than 15 years old now!

  11. paul dade says


  12. Lloyd Chapman says

    My tempest V2 all day long

  13. Jeugdhuis 't Excuus says

    The trakker tempest v2 brolly is a absolute magnificent bit of technologie that I use in My fishing.

  14. Jinx Jinx says

    Love the trakker ball point pen I have.

  15. Neil Fairbairn says

    My trakker bivvy

  16. Russell Adams says

    Cracking video guys and some stunning fish my favourite piece off kit and probably most used is my trakker stove it goes with us when we take the dog on a long walk thanks guys

  17. Charlie Smith says

    My trakker tempest v2 bivvy XL

  18. Raymond Wright says

    I have a trakker brolly which is is probably close to 20 year old and still going strong.

  19. Fisher Man says

    Tempest 100 T 💪👌😎

  20. Lee Brown says

    Trakker armadillo 2 man !!

  21. Lee Slateford says

    50 ltr rucksack – loads of compartments/space and stay mobile!

  22. Robert Marshall says


  23. Jp crypto says

    Great vid. The trakker 3 piece winter suit cos without it their would be no winter fishing quality bit of kit a must have 👍

  24. David Richens, says

    Tracker Advanced Brolly

  25. EastEndAnglers says

    Oval Wide Bedchair!

  26. alan draycott says

    It’s hard to pick a favourite because I love all my trakker gear, but I don’t know if I’d be going fishing this winter if I hadn’t bought the core 3 piece winter suit. It’s awesome!

  27. Kai Lehrke says

    I actually love all my Trakker products. that is why i bought them. Tempest Advanced 100 bivy , Oval bed V2 , Transformer chair , full luggage range , the xtrail barrow and so on and so on , and I can‘t really say , which of them is my favourite😆😆😆 I wish there was a solution to extend my bivy for longer sessions than 3 to 4 days..
    Nice video , beautiful carp 👍👍

  28. marc rite says

    Favourite trakker product is my bib n brace elements siut. Keeping me nice n warm 😊

  29. Gary john wenborne says

    Loving the new trakker fan for those hot summer nights

  30. robuniobrbrbr says

    Good old Trakker Superdome 100% comfortable like my bedroom 🎣🐟🐳💪🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  31. Gary Hutchings says

    My fleece bedchair cover kept, me warm for getting on 20 years.

  32. Jason Plumbridge says

    Trakker propel landing net

  33. Paul McMinn says

    Tempest Advanced 150 Bivvy

  34. Matthew Mostynharratt says

    Levellite bedchair and 365 sleeping bag 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 oh and 90ltr rucksack

  35. TheTroose says

    My Trakker NXG 90 litre backpack!

  36. Shane Edmed says

    Trakker winter suit and bobble hat ❄️⛄

  37. Jason Skerratt says

    My tempest system brought from new and still going strong

  38. Tim Lomans says

    Definitely Trakker Sanctuary XL Retention Sling v2

  39. lambyuk10 says

    My favourite trakker product is hard love it all but if I have to choose will have to be tempest 100t love it

  40. It's Morgan Fishing says

    Trakker tempest v2 Brolly ! Best brolly on the market! 😀

  41. Cameron Bates says

    My trakker tempest v2 brolly

  42. Raivis Trečaks says

    Every item that i own from Trakker is mega !

  43. Geoffrey Lawton says

    Tracker Tempest V2 Brolly i don't go fishing without it.!!!!!

  44. Chris Rutt says

    Armo V4 plus without a doubt best product for me and girlfriend to fish comfortably for a few nights 👌🏼 lovely video lads, was over the other side for one of the nights you where there.

  45. Mark Williams says

    Retention sling

  46. Alan says

    I love my two-piece tracker waterproof coat and trousers, I think it’s great how the fleece jacket unzips and you can wear separate 🙂👍🏼

  47. Stuart Doughty says

    My tempest 100T. So much headroom. Makes a massive difference.

  48. Richie Williams says

    Without a doubt trakker V4 2man bivvy with winter wrap combined with inner capsule,levelite oval then the NXG luggage,to much to mention👏👏 #trakkertart#simplythebest#anglingdirect

  49. Adam Parsol says

    Another great video. Has to be the tempest for me

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