An Epic Little Adventure – Carp Fishing in the Netherlands @ De Ronde Bleek


Team Trakker’s Alex Bransby and Adam Reed take a springtime trip across the Channel to meet up with some of our Dutch teammates at an interesting water which is home to some stunning carp. After a less-than-favourable draw, the boys will have to think on their feet if they are to come away from the session with a result.


  1. Tomek U says


  2. robuniobrbrbr says

    I m ready to watch 😁

  3. Graham Cockings says

    Great video guys. Adam your the man.

  4. Martijn Bunte says

    Nice to see you fishing in my country and watching you caught the nicest breed off mirror carp there is…the dutch valkenswaard mirrors 😎

  5. Robbo records says

    Great video! Really enjoyed that, wish I could use a adjustable without me tangling it 😳🙄🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Casper Van Amsterdam says

    Nice video! Wonderful fish and great camera work👌📸🎣

  7. LinxzFN says

    Really good video guys, you smashed it👍I’ve subbed to you with notifications and I hope to see more great videos like this 🔥🎣

  8. Marcin Demkow says

    Nice one guys ! – what is the name of this place ?

  9. kingjohn1966 says

    Quality film lads, still struggle to get my head around zigs but they certainly done the business for ya! Got to know where you had that sleeve done mate lovely bit of Japanese work 👌🏻

  10. Matt The Taffy says

    What's them Trakker Rods ?? They any good

  11. Matt The Taffy says

    Can you ask Alex If hed be willing to divulge were that Pit him any Jon bannister once fished an made a few videos about

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