1. Jannis Verbraeken says


  2. Lewis Gregory says


  3. Brian Wingard says

    Greetings from the states. I would so love to fish a venue like that someday.

  4. Simon Dew Carp Fishing says

    Great stuff as always trakker team. An inspiration

  5. Kieran Gunn says

    Imagine being able to use a throwing stick in England and not have 84 seagulls on you, id go to Lesmont just for that

  6. Northern Carper says

    Quality as ever fellas..top skills with the sublime ads to the products in use. . Rather than the shove it down your throat tactics…only thing missing is the legend that is Marvin wait..too busy with the pooch then..

  7. follow_my _carping says

    Nice work lads. Great edit gaz enjoyed it!

  8. Brett Dunmow says

    Can you link the smart fruit that you up on you’re ova bags please

  9. Brett Dunmow says

    Yeah not like Korda sell sell sell shove it in you’re face ,very subtle approach and a great team

  10. Billy Smith says

    Great video lads, can anyone tell me what baitboats they are please..many thanks

  11. Kevin Hicks says

    Nice product catalogue video, very dull 👎👎

  12. lee munslow says

    When u gonna do a proper wrap for the tempest

  13. Levi One says

    wie immer schön gefilmt vom Jukkmeister😉😎

  14. Free Spirit Walter says

    France is full of wild carp..why fishing that crap

  15. JST DRVN says

    Anyone else sick to death of none smiling "I'm a serious carper" photos and commentary like its football game. Modern commercial carping is hilarious, fml its fishing chill the fuck out!

  16. New Vinyl Album Reviews says

    waste of time caught bigger in thames

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