Trakker Products Propel Distance Rods – Carp Fishing


Specifically designed to handle larger than average sized leads (4.5oz+), PVA bags and method feeders, the Propel Distance rods are a stepped-up version of the highly popular Propel rods from Trakker. These rods have been developed through rigorous testing by some very accomplished distance casting anglers. Dean Macey has recorded casts of over 200yards with these rods. Utilising the same high-performance technology and aircraft grade 1k Japanese Toray carbon fibre, where extreme range fishing is required, the Propel Distance rods are the perfect tool to help you achieve just that, with the correct technique. Featuring a Fuji DPS reel seat with black hoods to lock your reel into place and low-friction zirconia guides to aid silky smooth performance when casting. Not only do the Propel Distance perform spectacularly, they also look incredible, finished in a full-length shrink-wrapped slim handle with a flared butt for assured grip.


  1. Call says

    loved it

  2. Music says

    Here before 30000 Subscribers. More Content Please. I want to be youtube friends xP

  3. Paul Critchley says

    Looks like the x3 blank. You never can tell with rods till you cast them. Looks are good but the name is more associated with other areas of the sport, rather than a reputable rod builder. Will have to try them before making a decision.

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