1. Alexandr Lagodin says

    the best !

  2. Rich B says

    Dose the 200 stand for 200 man bivvy? It’s absolutely massive!!!

  3. Mark Warwick says

    When it out

  4. Carp Explorer says

    How much is the fish!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It is what It is says

    How is it this bivvy is supplied with a window but the tempest 100 isn’t??

  6. Robbo records says

    Wow rrp ?

  7. Tyson Norton says

    Why don't you ever put the price on?

    Or is it a case of if your asking you cant afford it?

  8. Nathan Burnett says

    Perfect for Europe fishing. Tho I wouldn't be surprised it'll cost over £1000 with a skull cap.

  9. addicted to angling says

    Nice but my tempest Xl bivvy system will do me

  10. Mike Spencer says

    That's better

  11. DryToast says

    No mention of weight???

  12. Bank buddies carp fishing says

    Finally a tempest 2 man, loved my tempest but had to sell and get a titan last year for me and my son. This looks great but i feel its a little to big and cant see it fitting on most or any pegs in the uk to be honest. That being said there is a huge shortage of decent 2 man bivvys so looking forward to seeing it at nas next month.

  13. John Panter says

    Material 210d ?! Really ??? The cheapest you can get ???
    Why don't use a material like you should ?!
    I don't get it…

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