Trakker Products Tempest Skull Cap Wraps – In Detail


With it’s patented design allowing for a rock-solid setup in rapid time, the award-winning Tempest range of bivvies and brollies have for many years been the number one choice for the specimen angler. Now, with the launch of a range of dedicated Tempest Skull Cap Wraps, users can quickly and easily transform their Tempest into a twin-skin shelter.


  1. Gavin James says

    so will the tempest advacnced 100 skull wrap fit the tempest advanced brolly?

  2. stephen roberts says

    At long last but I take these will not fit older models such as the composite?

  3. Nathan Burnett says

    What's rrp for v2 brolly version. Looks bang on.

  4. Simon Brockbank says

    So why is there not one for the v2 bivvy as these were the original ones to come out or will one of them fit it..

  5. Tim Moorcroft says

    Will any of these fit the tempest xl?

  6. Global_fisherman says

    I just want to know when and how much for 150. Normal skull cap was 130-150£ they are gonna take the piss with this for sure. Im betting £300-£350 rrp

  7. Darryl Clarkson says

    Why not for the v2 brolly??

  8. Gary Spence says

    Cyprinus all the way !

  9. Tommy82 says

    Let me guess all the V2 bivvy owners have been overlooked with this wrap.

  10. john smith says

    @Trakker Products so does one go one the trakker advanced brolly as seems you made it didnt do any thing for it an made the brolly 100 range etc

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